Week Ten Composite:  It’s a Colorful World

“And all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet.”
― Shel Silverstein

This week’s composite started with a gift that I received from my lifelong friend, Dena Roten.  Dena and I have been friends ever since the day I got locked out of my house when I was ten years old.  The gift was a pair of kaleidoscope glasses.  They were so interesting on their own, but I immediately began thinking of ways to use them in my photography.

Self Portrait

I don’t usually do self-portraiture, but I think that this composite is a great illustration of what has happened to my life since discovering photography.  Photography has taken me to places I would have never visited, introduced me to wonderful people I would have never met, and made me a much more adventurous person.  It has added dimension and colors to my life that I never even imagined.

My friend, Dena, has just launched her exciting Kaleidoscope Project.  As Dena launched her project and website for the project last week, she wrote:  “its goal is to provide a support system for women and other under-represented classes that are striving toward happy, richly-dimensioned lives…”  You can click here to explore her site to learn all about the Kaleidoscope Project.

I hope today is the beginning of a very fulfilling, colorful week for you!